Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tasty Chicken and Leek Tart

One of the yummiest pie fillings is chicken and leek.  I would probably eat chicken every day of the week if I was allowed.. in fact, I think most of this weeks recipes are chicken.. but the way I see it, it's so tasty, why not?!  Here's my awesome chicken and leek tart (or pie if you put a pastry lid on it) recipe...

What you'll need:

shredded roast chicken meat (buy the chicken raw and cook it yourself, or pre-cooked if you're time poor)
leeks washed and finely sliced
powdered stock (I prefer massell chicken stock)
milk (soy is creamy, without the cals)
shortcrust pastry
puff pastry (for lid of pie if desired)

How to do what I did:

Saute leeks in butter.  Be generous, you want it pretty buttery.
Add powdered stock and mix in (it should go sticky and dry-ish)
Slowly add milk and stir to thicken.
Add shredded chicken.
Pre-bake (blind bake) shortcrust pastry in a pie dish.
Add filling.
Put the "lid" on the "pie" and brush with milk (add an egg if you want it to go really golden)
Bake until nicely golden and cooked looking... use your own judgement... :)

This pie/tart is a HUGE hit with my husband.  Stacks of flavour, hardly any effort.  Win win!

A. xo

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  1. This sounds so delicious! Will be adding it to my meal plan either this week or next!!