Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome to the house of food!

I'm no chef.  I'm only a slightly talented flavour artist, with 2 small children and a husband of discerning tastes.  We like flavour without the fuss.. Foods that taste good, but don't have to look perfect to be eaten.  We are real, honest to God, food eaters.  I will share my culinary delights with you on one condition:

Try the recipes, and alter them to your own personal tastes.

They're not "my" recipes.. I have stolen, augmented and tested these concoctions on anyone who eats, and mostly, no one has died.  So have fun with me, as I discover the secret to feeding a picky toddler, a baby who'll eat anything, a husband with a mouth full of fancy words and me, a mum with a bum.

Welcome to the Wouters family table... A. xo

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